Louisiana has one of the highest rates of wetlands loss in the world – losing a football field of coastal land on average of every 100 minutes.

This land is integral to our culture. It sits as home to many historic communities, provides a base for a nearly $1 billion dollar statewide seafood industry, and is one of the most absolutely beautiful places you’ll ever see (call us biased.)

Wetlands recovery is a notion dear to our hearts at The Great Delta Tours. Not only because of its importance to so many people and endless creatures within it, but because of its need to be even MORE significant to the masses. This is why we do what we do… by providing tours to this area, we work each day to provide awareness of and a connection with the coastline and recovery efforts.

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Recently, there has been news of a $24.8 million dollar boost for restoration efforts, and we could not be more elated! Altogether, funding will support 1,309 ACRES of habitat through NOAA-sponsored projects. One program that we’re keeping our eye on will seek to mimick nature by remaking marshes through cutting into levees and diverting sediment rich water.

We’ll, of course, be keeping our eye on this and rooting them on along the way.

eco tours new orleansCurious about these projects or interested in seeing the coast up close? Join us on our next excursion! We’ll tell you all about it as we travel beyond the flood walls on tour.