Did you know that the lower Mississippi River Delta is one of the most bird-rich places in the country?!

Our subtropical latitude, vastly productive wetlands, and central position on a globally important migratory pathway combine to give us some of the best birding in the USA.

Join us for an expertly led Louisiana birdwatching tour, where you’ll experience firsthand the extraordinary avian diversity here and see the sheer abundance of birds the South Louisiana coast is famous for.

Whether you want to taste our water bird cornucopia, bask in a migratory fallout, or chase down southern specialties such as the Painted Bunting and Red-cockaded Woodpecker, we can tailor an outing to your interests.

Our birdwatching tours are done on a private tour basis, welcoming groups of up to 13 guests each. We accommodate birders ranging from beginners to seasoned experts on our outings.


You never know what you’ll see on tour, so bring your camera, a pair of binoculars, and get ready to take it all in. We’ll provide all of the water you need to keep cool.

To book, just click the “Book Now” button in the top nav, select “private birding tour” and we’ll be off!