New Orleans is world renowned for celebrating its unique culture, music, food and architecture in a very authentic and experiential way. However, a major part of the story is just beginning to be told about the natural environment of the New Orleans area that has shaped this amazing place, as well as people’s lifestyle and culture. It is a story about the enormously rich, diverse and changing landscape of the Great Mississippi River Delta. This bountiful landscape embodies a variety of wildlife, cultures, and economic importance. It is a story of survival, adaptation, resilience, and innovation that has enabled one of the most unique, diverse, celebrated and important places in the world to survive and prosper on the youngest, ever changing and most fragile environments in America. The Great Delta is vulnerable to the damages from climate change, but is an important area to learn about to help its preservation and survival. That’s why Great Delta Tours both showcases the beauty of the area, while educating about the impacts the environment faces with our engaging and informative New Orleans educational tours, wildlife tours, birding tours, and history tours.